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Make It Modern: Why You Can’t Build a Legacy on Legacy Systems – Part 1

In 2011, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen said that “software is eating the world.” What he meant was that new software is enabling companies to scale faster, reduce costs, and deliver better customer experiences, and that the rapid spread of useful software is allowing entrenched players like Walmart and FedEx to better maintain dominance in theirRead… Read more »

Removing Data Silos for Better Collaboration

Governments face unique challenges in accomplishing complex missions – often with limited resources. That means that when it comes to tackling such missions, there are very few agencies in the public sector that can act alone. Through collaboration, information sharing and the removal of data silos, agencies can improve effectiveness and efficiency while achieving their… Read more »

The Past, Present, and Future of the AWS GovCloud

Cloud computing has helped to usher in an unprecedented era of opportunity for innovation in government. One example is from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC BioSense 2.0 program is tasked to provide awareness for all health-related threats and support responses across state, local and federal government. The CDC wantedRead… Read more »