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GL Infograph – Federal Pay Freeze, By the Numbers

With the recent news of Obama’s pay freeze proposal, there’s a lot of information being tossed around. Here at GovLoop, we’re serving you up the facts, infographic-style so you can get to the heart of what’s myth and what’s reality.

You can also download the image on slideshare.

Finally, we’re giving you an outlet to express your feelings, concerns, likes, dislikes on Facebook. So, go ahead, and join 300+ of your colleagues: It’s Okay, Freeze My Pay.

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John Bordeaux

Would prefer that read 2.1 million families. Yes, I realize Feds occasionally marry, but the fed workforce has been dehumanized plenty in this political year.

Susanna McFarland

I agree, 2.1 million families. And add to that the percentage of feds that live in DC metro, one of the highest cost of living areas in the country. Recent newspaper reports that DC is also one of the few areas of the country where it’s common to find residents paying 50% or more of their income in housing costs…in contrast to much of the country. We’ve all watched for years as Congress tries to avoid this particular discussion, but it must be said aloud now.

And for those of us who are foreign service feds…we are constantly subject to the whims of the government. We’ve recently been re-posted to DC, thus losing half of our income, as one of us was in a post-specific position, not direct hire. Also took a cut in pay to be sent here, as cola’s are higher at post than DC, despite the fact that DC is significantly more costly. Thus we are here, with less than half our income, twice the cost of living, terrible employment prospects, and being offered another effective cut in pay, reduced benefits, etc.

This is barely tolerable…but add to this congress seriously considering a paycut for us a reasonable cost savings, but still fighting to maintain tax cuts for millionaires. Tax cuts, which if allowed to lapse, would result in a savings exponentially larger to the USG. Unbelievable. Clearly political decisions, not heroic cost cutting measures.

Jenyfer Johnson

2.1 million families that will now have less money to spend on an already faltering economy…while they still have to make house payments or pay rent, pay utilities, buy food, gas or public transit, student loans or put children through college…or possibly support a spouse who has lost a job recently. Does Congress and the American people think that as government workers we have not felt what has been happening in the economy all along? That’s what’s made me upset.

We’ve been made a scapegoat for alot of hard feelings because we still have jobs. It’s not like we haven’t felt the inflation, spouses/children losing jobs, possibly children moving back home, not being able to afford as much as we could last year. I do my job and I’m proud of the job I do, but I don’t like the American people acting as though because I’m a federal employee I’m somehow a leech on society or taking more than my fair share.

R. Ann Abercrombie

If our salaries are going to be frozen, shouldn’t Congressional salaries ALSO be frozen? I also live in DC metro area, our cost of living is high … and my husband has been unemployed since August 2007… I don’t LIKE getting a pay freeze, but at least I still have a job.