Good Things Come in Threes

Good things come in threes. Tic-tac-toe, yada, yada, yada, small, medium, large, blah, blah blah, NBC/CBS/ABC.

Lately I’ve been thinking about “how best to use Twitter.” In considering this, I start to ponder on the basics of “why tweet?” and other slightly existential topics. When I consider this my mind drifts to conjuring up endless possibilities and essentially the absolute abstract. Luckily, good things coming in threes saves me (or brings me back to solid ground).

Consider the framework below (compliments of Ogilvy’s 360 Degree Digital Influence group).

What I like most about this framework is the essence of the Follow / Create / Engage. Given this framework, a tweeter can address pretty much any strategy and as long as these basic three elements are paid attention, good results will probably follow. What is interesting is that these three channels through which a tweeter can concentrate his efforts are not too far off from the elements necessary to maintain any strong friendship or relationship with an organization. Hence, while Twitter is incredibly innovative and is proliferating like mosquito larvae in a spring swamp, when considering what the benefits are of twitter, or how best to twitter, or even “why tweet?” the answers are actually quite fundamental.

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Allen Sheaprd

I like the poster. Research and know your audiance(what do *they* want), create an environment and then keep up with them.

Instead of wash, rinse, repete it is observe, serve, repete.

Sadly the shapmpoo instrucution could have killed many a programmer. 😉