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Gov 2.0 Presentation at the We Live NY Summit

Next month I will be speaking at the We Live NY Summit on Gov 2.0 and social media. The conference is March 24-26 at Cornell University. I am incredibly excited for the conference and really thankful that I get to speak during one of the sessions. The conference has a lot of great program tracks – I have a feeling it is going to be a great experience and excited to connect with so many young professionals across NYS. Here is a clip from the website describing the conference:

“We’re here because our future is our responsibility, and we want our future to be in New York State. If you’re looking to find purpose and make progress in your community, or anywhere across the state, you’re in the right place. The We Live NY Summit is a way for young leaders from New York to connect, share ideas, and take action for a successful, sustainable future.”

I am currently working through my program and developing some ideas of what I want to talk about. I will be speaking for 20 minutes, and feel like there are a lot of different ways I can go. I am going to have the audience tweeting on the #Gov20 hashtag, so I am counting on the community to engage with the audience! I’ll keep everyone posted with the presentation and make sure to share my slides, and hopefully get some video.

I have just started to think about the specifics of the presentation. For now, I am going to start by developing my thoughts on the topics below. If you have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions, they would be much appreciated!

1) Basic Gov 2.0 Overview

2) Expressing the value of Gov 2.0 and social media for government

3) Great success stories of Gov 2.0

4) How to get involved

5) Gov 2.0 is not just for techies

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Pat Fiorenza

Andrew – Thanks so much for reaching out! Great resources, the conference should be a lot of fun – really looking forward to the event!