Gov 2 Summit – Rapid Fire

Everyblock – Pick your local area and feed of everything you know about that area. Records, public records. Been doing it for two years. Get data in two ways – screen scrapping from gov websites and going to city hall.

-Making sites scraper-friendly is an easy win
-Diffs not dumps
-PDFs are not machine-readable
-Describe the data

Carol Dumaine – Dep of Energy
-Global concerns, responses, responsibility

Scott Heifermann – Meetup
-Do It Ourselves
-Govt as platform for connecting people
-What is SBA connected SB people locally to support each other?
-Let’s develop something cool together
-When people self-organize..
-Self-organize local group
-organizing isn’t just to act against…to do stuff
-successful meetup groups –
-use the net to get off the net
-meetup groups, not just meetups
-sustainable built with l
-people with roles, not as audience
-it’s nice to have followers but is more that they cna do
-infinite scale & potential
-citizen to citizen
-spark a movement by getting people to organize local meetup groups

Peter Corbett – Apps for Democracy
-open data plus citizen talent plus fame and fortune
-47 apps, areyousafe
-contract 6 days to fix
-dc311 app – snap photo, potholes
-leaderboard – fixmycitydc
-app built once and spreads everyone
-appocology and gardened

Michael Tiemann
-The only sustainable edge
-Doing same thing over and over again and expecting same results
-Sustainable model
-Animals do most of work

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