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Gov Turns to Creative Solutions for Cyber Staffing Shortages 

“If you can’t hire enough experienced security professionals, why not outsource routine, repetitive tasks? Or activities that require special skills? Or jobs that someone else has figured out how to automate?” – 2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report 

An agency’s limited budget or staff shortages doesn’t negate their need for strong cybersecurity.

But how can your IT staff take the precautions they need to secure your data while facing those budgetary and staffing challenges? A security operations center (SOC) helps handle cyber threats, but that would require hiring a manager, security engineers to build the security architecture, security analysts to respond to cyber incidents, and threat hunters, who specialize in detecting and containing advanced threats – a hefty financial hit.  

Instead of shouldering that cost, an alternative option is utilizing a SOC as a service solution. Hiring a SOC as a service means access to qualified experts with a wide knowledge base to help elevate your cybersecurity posture.  

Additionally, a SOC as a service solution also offers a full suite of tools to support effective cyber attacker detection and response, giving agencies peace of mind as attacks become increasingly more complex and frequent. 

These benefits allow agencies to effectively manage risk to their environment and minimize costs, without hiring internally for cybersecurity professionals or having to purchase additional equipment. And you wouldn’t be alone – 41% of IT decision-makers say they are using a managed security service for cyber threat detection and response. 

Find out more about SOC as a service by downloading this report. 

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