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Government Transformation: Adopting Cloud for Maximum Impact

Agencies face a range of challenges. They may struggle to keep up with changing compliance frameworks, as well as strict data privacy and sovereignty rules. For those in the cloud, or on the way there, large data volumes can be problematic, as can the demand for specific tools, controls and policies.

“We’re seeing agencies struggling to keep up with the pace to deliver a more modern experience to their citizens and staff,” said Peter Gleek, Market Leader – Cloud, Solutions and Services at Insight, a provider of computer hardware, software, cloud solutions and IT services.

Government needs to provide both employees and the public with a modernized experience, one that allows on-demand access to data and services. “These services should be able to be consumed in a number of ways,” including modern interfaces such as virtual chats, applications and self-service, said Insight’s Sri Vasudevan, National Security Portfolio Director.

The Promise of Cloud

A “single pane of glass” approach offers states the means to enable people to access resources from multiple agencies, all within the same web, chat or self-service experience.

To achieve that, “agencies that embrace cloud will be better-positioned to prioritize innovation, stay ahead of bad actors and provide experiences that meet the demand of digitally savvy citizens,” Gleek said.

And at a time when workforce mobility has surged, “cloud gives agencies the ability to support modern workers with scalable app frameworks that are secure and more operationally resilient,” he said.

Agencies that haven’t yet started on the cloud journey can begin now to pinpoint specific use cases and establish a governance model. Assessments and evaluations will be key — “taking inventory of current policies, processes, technologies and so on builds a foundation for a more strategic shift,” Vasudevan said.

“If you are already on your journey to the cloud, shift your focus to maximizing current investments, assessing current cloud strategy and optimizing as needed,” Gleek said. “It’s important to analyze how agencies’ technology challenges can be solved with proven cloud-based solutions.”

Find a Cloud Partner You Can Trust

It will be important for agencies to work with a trusted provider as they make their way into the cloud. Insight, for example, provides comprehensive solutions and services around all major cloud platforms.

“Agencies across the nation turn to us no matter where they are in their cloud journey,” Vasudevan said. “We have solutions and services capabilities focused on digital strategy, assessment and design, application modernization and application replatforming, backup and disaster recovery, data and AI, machine learning, workload migrations, and more.”

The digital journey for states and their agencies can be challenging. “Insight is here to support you in that journey by working closely with you and cloud partners to develop and execute the vision for your government agency’s future,” Gleek said. “Together, we can help improve the way citizens interact with government resources and provide more access for all.”

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