GovGoodies – Affinia Hotels Offers GovLoopers Discounts

Here’s another pretty sweet deal for GovLoop members. As part of the GovGoodies promotion on the site Affinia Hotels has decided to get GovLoopers extra bucks off of hotel stays in NYC, Chi-Town and D.C.

Here’s the breakdown of how you can score a cheap room if you’re a GovLooper.

New York

All of our Affinia Branded hotels in NYC – 5% off the Best available rate.

The Benjamin Hotel – 4 star Luxury hotel in NY. – 5% off the Best available rate

The Eastgate Tower Hotel – 5% off the best available rate

Washington DC

The Liaison Hotel on Capital Hill. – 10% off the best available rate


Affinia Chicago – 12% off the best available rate

GovLoopers can call in and mention the code GVLOOP and they would be entitled to the special rate. So whatever the best rate of the day were offering- Govloop callers will do better. And these are pretty killer digs if your on the road in one of the cities. So check it out: Here’s Affinia’s website.

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