GovLaunch: Mobile App Keeping Officers Safe

Government Technology reports that a new app has been developed to help US Fish & Wildlife Service Officers stay safe when working in remote locations. The app is called PocketCop, which allows officers to run a background check on a person and receive near instantaneous results. The app allows Cops to see if an individual is a repeat offender, guilty of ticket violations and helps the officer decide if a mandatory court appearance is necessary due to a criminal history. The app also serves as a deterrent, reports Government Technology. If a person is aware that a spot background check will occur, the individual is typically more forthcoming and cooperative.

Government technology reports:

“If I run somebody, the system will tell me automatically if one of my fellow officers ever had any interactions with this individual,” Nicely explained. “It’ll list the officer’s name and I’ll be able to contact them through instant messaging through the system itself or via cell phone.”

“I would have never dreamed that I could check a hunter in the middle of a duck blind in a big marsh and maybe I have a feeling or cop intuition that something isn’t right, I could do the background check right there in the field,” Nicely said. “Now we can and that is a big plus.”

Officers can also use the app to request help or if they are in trouble. With one click, the officer can click “Officer Needs Assistance” button. Within seconds, officers are notified that an officer needs back up. This app is certainly an valuable tool for officers and will hopefully be replicated across the country by police departments.

Would you support officers using mobile applications?

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