Phone Tips & Tricks: Be Awesome. Go Green.

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Is your phone green? No, not the color. Is it eco-friendly?

It’s easy for folks to help keep our planet green when they purchase a new phone. How can you help? Here are a couple of ways:

1. Buy Green. From phones to accessories, cellular technology is becoming eco-friendly. Phones like the Samsung Replenish have hit the market and are taking the wireless world by storm. The Replenish™ uses recycled and recyclable plastics plus environmentally friendly packaging. Stuck with your old phone? You can now get your hands on hybrid phone chargers that get you the power you need without the wasting of energy resources.

2. Recycle. Done with your phone? Don’t let it collect dust in a drawer. Participate in phone recycling programs like Sprint Project Connect, Sprint’s very own phone donation and recycling program. 100% of the funds raised goes to promoting free internet safety for kids.

Sprint is going green, are you?

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