GovLaunch: Twitter Creates @gov Account

Today I caught an article on Governing noting that Twitter announced that they have set up a new account specifically for government and politics. The new Twitter account can be followed @gov and the profile reads:

Updates from the Twitter Government & Politics team, tracking creative & effective uses of Twitter for civic engagement. RTs & examples≠political endorsements.

The account has already built up over 700 followers and will probably continue to grow steadily. I am interested how Twitter plans to use the account, there are a lot of great examples of Twitter use by government and great that there is now a specific account to moinitor all the best examples. They also have a pretty cool profile picture, which is below.

GovLoop also just released a few guides on Twitter, if you missed the posts, you can check them out here.

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Julie Chase

How will this play into the Hatch Act? As a gov employee, I stay totally away from any forum, discussion et al on politics, especially at election time.