Phone Tips & Tricks: Most Annoying Ringtone

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These days, everyone seems to have the same phone as the person next to them, and in most cases, the same generic ringtone to go with it. In one office space, 4 people may have the same ringtone, causing utter confusion to all when one of the phones rings. I know a lot of folks who choose to have a distinct ringtone of their own just to set their phone apart from the rest. Some enjoy hearing their favorite song every time someone calls.

But how far is too far? I’ve heard some pretty bad ones myself. An R2D2 text message tone was definitely on the list of the worst!

What is the worst ringtone you’ve ever heard?

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Fred Atwood

I was in a hotel continental breakfast area when a very good looking caucasian woman dressed in a very expensive conservative business suit answered her cell phone to the tune of the Commodores “Brick House”.