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GovLoop 2009 Virtual Trophy of Awesomeness

Lists are always hard and I hate excluding people. Especially as I’m forgetful and always miss someone who is really awesome.

But as 2009 finishes up I wanted to thank the amazing people on GovLoop for their awesomeness in making GovLoop a thriving community.

So I’ve announced the 2009 Virtual GovLoop Trophy of Awesomeness thanking these amazing folks…They’ve been awarded this sweet trophy on their profile 🙂

I would like to thank…

To some of the amazing GovLoop group leaders….
Mary – For making the GovLoop acquisition community kick butt.
Don – for kicking butt with GovLeaders –
Lauren for doing amazing things with YAFCEA and her sweet blogs –
Barry for his leadership with OpenGov21 group leading way on Open Gov and just a cool Texan
John for helping lead the GovLoop Kiva group donating over $10k to good causes.
Mark for leading the amazing HR group on GovLoop

To the GovLoop dream team welcoming squad –
Denise – You rock!
IJ – From YGL to GovLoop making gov’t awesome
Michael – With that MPA/MPP you’re unstoppable
Celia – Making CRS cool and transforming HR
Emi – My favorite Houstonian…
Lisa – Always reliable. Always awesome.

Some of my favorite bloggers on GovLoop –

Adriel – A great friendship that began on GovLoop
David who always is sharing great tips and ideas of moving ideas into the workplace
Danielle who is one of the best in public affairs and writes beautifully and runs a great communications group on GovLoop
GeekChick for her outside the box thinking blogs and running the coolest groups from Geeks in Gov to Left Bank –
Steve for his great Gov 2.0 commentary and community engagement
Jeffrey for his practice and teaching on making Gov 2.0 happen and Kiva leadership
Scott for his awesome leadership blogs that always make me think
Andrea for her great Enterprise 2.0 thought and ideas
Lisa for her great Knowledge Management blog
Jenn from amazing Open Gov blogs to blogger outreach
Scott for his instructional blogs and always keep the wardrobe for real
Lovisa for launching one of the most interesting dialogues around Social Media policy
Gwynne for sweet blogging and general awesomeness
Naomi for always cool projects of the week
Worner for always awesome sports blogging and hokie wit.

Passionate Community Leaders
Henry for sharing the knowledge…
Amanda for her fun and enthusiasm and contracting prowess –
Kathleen for always having fun and spreading the GovLoop work to those needing jobs
Jean-Paul for sharing cool ideas and always pushing the envelope
Kristin for always making me think and letting me represent the ‘Nati
Kitty for spreading the GovLoop gospel and her innovative mind
Sam for always welcoming others and encouraging discussion
James for his passion in training and encouraging others
Ari for both praising when needed and pushing for new ideas/features to make GL more awesome
Andy for his passionate blogging to now as full-time GovLoop Community Czar
Andrea for helping out and bringing the community building expertise
Pam for bringing the local perspective and critical thinking at GovLoop –
AJ for rocking it out in Arlington and bringing the innovation agents out
Tricia for representing Arizona –

To those who help GovLoop on huge areas behind the scenes:
Adam who has helped everything from making our groups rock more to cool new govloop buttons
Joshua for helping a fellow Sociologists think about engagement and helping newbies
Meghan for helping blog and lead the Gov 2.0 Radio awesomeness
Meagen and the Rock Creek crew for helping with Govloop logo and banner design (and awesome new t-shirts and lanyards)
Elizabeth for thinking through and organizing my GL thoughts towards awesomeness

Fun journalists that engage with govloop community and spread the GL gospel to their readers-

Ed – The post is back…
Mark for spreading the GovLoop word and pushing the Gov 2 envelope
Chris for putting me on the radio and spreading the word of GovLoop
Steve for spreading the word on GovLoop and bringing academic and practical insights
Luke – for keeping it fresh
Steve – for making Twitter useful and helping me think through UI.
Peter – From Gov 2.0 Club to a great iStrategy/GL event – you rock.

To my international brethren for making GovLoop become a true int’l knowledge sharing
Steve from Australia for sharing great ideas and taking GovLoop to OzLoop
Craig for also bringing the OZ out with great ideas
Nick for representing Canada and a sweet GovLoop Canada logo
Marie from rocking GovLoop in UK and Second Life
Helio for bringing GovLoop and Gov 2.0 to Brazil

There are numerous other people that make GovLoop what it is today. Thanks for all you do and you deserve to be on the list too…blame my memory.

Keep up the awesomeness!


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Adriel Hampton

Steve, thanks for all you do for the community. Wishing you and GovLoop a happy and prosperous holiday season and an awesome 2010!

Barry Everett

Steve, this has been a wonderful ride, and a great example of the kind of collaboration that is possible – with a ton of work behind it. All gardens need tending, and the message we still have to carry forward is that networking, like government, is a 24/7 job. You Rock!

Emi Whittle

Thank you, Steve for the opportunity to be involved in something so cool! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years wishes as well!

Adam Arthur

GovLoop isn’t GovLoop without Mr. GovLoop! You’re are the awesome, man. I’m just trying to be like you. 🙂 Thanks for the virtual hardware!

steve davies

Hi Steve

Thanks for the award. You guys have set the example with Govloop. I hope to push the boundaries further with OZloop in 2010 and will continue to share (and learn from) with you guys.

A very merry Christmas and New Year to you and yours.

Steve D

Michael O. Johnston

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the award. But I must agree with everyone, without you this would have never happened…You are AWESOME!!!

AJ Malik

Thanks for the shout out, Steve – much appreciated. It is terrific to be in the company of such Gov 2.0 visionaries. A true honor.