AwesomeGov Winner – Adventures For the Cure Gets $1,789 Donation

I’m super duper excited to announce today the winner of the GovLoop AwesomeGov charity contest (as decided by you the GovLoop community)

Drumroll please….

A great charity startup founded in 2005 by two Gen Yers (Adam Driscoll, who works for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Patrick Blair, who is a government contractor) who affected by Type 1 diabetes created their own charity to give back. They have an awesome camp every summer for kids with diabetes and also spend time and money to help kids with diabetes in Kenya. Plus they have had four bike trips across the country and even a documentary filmed made about their awesomeness.

We will be donating a sweet awesome total of $1,789 to Adventures for the Cure

From November 15 to December 15, we committed to donating $1 per new member and in total we had 1,389 new member join GovLoop ($1,389). We also launched the GovLoop 12 Days of Giving and we committed to donating $100 per member who completed all twelve days. 4 rockstars = another $400.

In the end, this worked out perfectly. Members submitted over 100 charities and voted over 3,000 times for their favorite charities. This builds upon the over $11,850 the GovLoop Kiva group has already given away and we hope to do more amazing AwesomeGov in 2010 with your help.

More of my excitement below:

See the presentation:

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