GovLoop 2011 Charity Challenge: And the Winner Is…

The results are tallied, but before I announce the final winner of the GovLoop 2011 Charity Challenge, I just wanted to acknowledge all of the government member organizations that are giving groups of public sector professionals with common backgrounds and interests a place to connect and collaborate with their peers. GovLoop is proud to have partnerships or affiliations with many of them and we look forward to doing even more to strengthen the ecosystem that supports public servants in 2012.

As part of our efforts, we’ve hosted a “Charity Challenge” each of the last two years. Last year, we gave a $5,000 donation to the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA). This year, we partnered with Federally Employed Women (FEW) and Young Government Leaders (YGL) to host a friendly competition that encouraged their members to simply click an “Awesome” button. In exchange, we’d give $5 for that sign of support.

Voting closed at 12p ET today and I’m happy to announce the following results:

Fundraising Thermometer

As of 12p ET on 12/21/11

Federally Employed Women


Fundraising Thermometer

As of 12p ET on 12/21/11

Young Government Leaders

In the end, both organizations win with the receipt of these donations to sustain their respective missions, but we also promised an extra $1,000 to the organization that amassed the most “Awesomes”…and that organization is FEW. So the bonus brings the grand total of their donation to $1,870.

Of course, these organizations ultimately win the most when they have vibrant, active memberships and we hope this donation drive sparked a little end of year pride and promotion. Thanks to all of you who participated over the last couple weeks.

Last thing: If you haven’t already, please join their groups here on GovLoop (…and guess what? I’ll bet they’d each love to have you as a member, so why not join both?).

Join the Federally Employed Women Group on GovLoop

Join the Young Government Leaders Group on GovLoop

Happy holidays from all of us at GovLoop!

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Sandra Lopez


This is wonderful example my FEW Sisters of the breadth & depth and far reaching presence & influence we have to work with…WAHOO! 2012 will be another Banner year…I can feel it!

I’m thrilled to be associated with this Great Organization!! If you are not a member of FEW you will be missing out this year!! Please join us this year and lets Move & Shake things up this year! There is Strength in numbers…!!

Merry Christmas to All.

To YGL: Thanks for the competition and the fun! We are ALL in this together! Wishing you the best in the New Year.

Call on FEW we are ready and willing to join forces and collaborate with you!

Sue Webster

Thanks to GovLoop for this opportunity and for the money of course! Thanks to the FEW members and supporters for all of your AWESOMES! And thanks to YGL as well. Both organizations and our members as well as the others associated with GovLoop are Awesome and offer great networking opportunities. This was a fun contest! Happy Holidays and thanks again all that supported FEW!