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GovLoop Awesomeness: In Case You Missed It

You’ve probably noticed this week that we’ve been rolling out a ton of new stuff on GovLoop. We really want 2011 to be the year of awesome in the community and we’re off to good start. The week has flown by and I figured I’d give everybody a breakdown of the cool things we’ve done just incase you missed one 😉

Monday: We started with a bang by unveiling our brand new Newsletter format: The Daily Awesome. It’s shorter than previous newsletters but still packed with the best of the community from that day. The Daily Awesome also focuses on different topics in government. Here’s a breakdown of the day topics with links to the respective newsletters.

Monday = Citizen Engagement / State / Local – http://conta.cc/eRCwP6
Tuesday = Project Management / Performance / Leadership – http://conta.cc/e4YCxo
Wednesday = Gov 2.0 / Open Gov / Tech – http://conta.cc/hUfN6g
Thursday = Career / HR / Telework – http://conta.cc/gB98JK
Friday = Fun/People – http://conta.cc/gwNSIX

Also Monday we launched our GovHelp series where we throw out an agency problem to the community and get all you crazy smart GovLoopers to give them suggestions on how to solve it. This week we came up with more than 50 things USPS could do to be profitable. If you have a suggestion for a GovHelp let us know here.

Tuesday: We launched our MPA/MPP Guide. For anyone looking into higher education this is something you’re going to want to take a look at.

Wednesday: On hump day we decided to unload a double whammy by announcing our Blog Importer and our Hootsuite plug-in.

The Hootsuite plug-in is awesome because it allows you to follow what’s happening on GovLoop while you follow your facebook updates and tweets. You can also update your GovLoop account with your tweets and facebook updates simultaneously. Also it opens up a whole new frontier of mobile apps to get your GovLoop with.

The Blog Importer makes it so you’ll never have to crosspost to GovLoop and your personal blog again. Just follow the quick steps that Andy typed up and your blog will appear on GovLoop ready to read every time you update your personal blog. More audience with less effort!

Thursday: We went back to guides, launching our New Hire Handbook along with our sponsor Aetna. Got a new job? Well read the guide and learn how to rock it out! Thursday also saw us roll out our Sammies Page. Being a GovLooper means you are probably really involved at your job, so take the time to honor one of your co-workers by putting them up for a Sammie. We also hosted a Live Chat with Wikibrands author Mike Dover which rocked the house.

Friday: We kept our word and kept it Fun and about People. We officially rolled out Friday’s Fab Five which features awesome members and their posts from the past week. Also we introduced you to our 2 new interns who rock!

Just because the week is over doesn’t mean that the awesome new things on GovLoop are going to stop. Here’s a few things to look for in the coming weeks.

– New revamped iPhone App

– Andriod App

– Facebook Connect and Open ID

– Like buttons

– GovLoop Training (first session is scheduled for late Jan.)

– More Live Chats

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Ryan Erickson

There has been quite a bit of info to digest this week; however, I’m lovin’ it. I think the changes have brought about a renewed sense of community over the past few days. Keep up the awesome work!

Oh, and I”m really looking forward to the Android App and like button. Have a great weekend y’all.