GovLoop Bowl Mania Pool – Win Starbucks and GovLoop Gear

So if you are like me last Saturday you flipped on the TV and was taken back by the fact that there was no college football on the tube. Well OK that’s a lie there was the Army vs. Navy game (shout out to all our servicemen and women) but still the day didn’t feel right without out a lot college football action.

Thanks to Matthew Worner (The Hokie Guru as some of you know him) you can still get your college football fix and hook up some cool prizes in the process with GovLoop’s Bowl Pick’Em Series.

It’s easy just click this link and use the group ID# is 13813 and your password is: gohokies20. Once you’re in pick the teams you think will win. If you don’t know anything about who’s good just pick the team with the cooler mascot and you probably have a decent shot at winning.

From past experience it makes games much more interesting to watch and it’s completely free. And if your picking skills are more advanced than mine you could walk away with a starbucks gift card or a GovLoop t-shirt. The giftcard goes to the winner of the pick’em and t-shirts go to the top 3.

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Shannon Donelson

This is fantastic! Steve I completely agree it’s been very strange not getting all worked up about College Gameday lately! (Well we did have the Heisman Announcement last Saturday) Well I mean, we all know about the National Championship. (War Eagle). This is going to be a hard pick otherwise! Lots of great match ups!

Megan Price

Looking forward to the fun competition. I love college football and cry inside when it ends in January. Some of these match-ups were really hard to pick! Good luck all!