GovLoop on Federal News Radio!

In case you missed it, our very own Steve Ressler (co-founder of Young Government Leaders and Founder of GovLoop) was on Federal News Radio this past week. Check it out! You just may hear about your contribution to this site…Congrats, Steve.

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Hey Steve,

Just listened to your interview on Federal News Radio. Congratulations!!! I’m proud to be part of your network from Young Government Leaders (YGL) to Govloop. Keep up the good work and keep leading the way!!!

Scott Horvath

Steve, great work on the interview. You came across very professional, well-spoken, and provided a lot of good information for the listeners. Good work.


Thanks for the kind words. It’s always embarrassing to hear your own voice later but I had fun talking about GovLoop. I’ve had such a great time meeting and connecting with people passionate about gov’t.