GovLoop Scavenger Hunt: Location #1

Ready to hunt and win? You should be. We are including the entire community as we celebrate our 50,000 member milestone! Here is how the scavenger hunt works…

1) Browse. Based on the clue listed below; browse around GovLoop.

2) Discover the Icon. When you have found this icon; click on the icon or associated link!

3) Win. Once you’ve filled out the form, we’ll note your time stamp and be in contact with you within 24 hours. While there are a limited amount of winners, we hope you land your luck at the right spot at the right time. Though the iTunes, Amazon and Starbucks gift cards are rewarding…we hope you’re happy with your findings too!

Now, drumroll please……the first clue for the first icon location is:

“Where on GovLoop can you hear Chris Dorobek

talking about the hottest government stories?”

If you get stumped, tweet @GovLoop to gain a little more Insight!

*Be sure to check back at 9:30 ET and 3:00 ET for clues to the other two locations and find more chances to win!

**Don’t spoil the fun! Please try to keep the winning location our little secret. So, no tweeting it out or posting it on the comment wall until the winners have been announced. Thanks!

Also, check out the Location #2 Clue & Location #3 Clue

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Jana Opperman

I have a problem- I don’t seem to be able to see any of the graphics on govloop for several months now. I have emailed and asked for help but no one has responded. Are these icons graphics I won’t be able to see? šŸ™

I also have problems trying to make the “do not follow” links work either. I have had to stop all emails from govloop to stop getting blog updates which makes me sad too. In fact, I often don’t post a comment knowing that my email box will be full from Govloop interactions in no time and I don’t want my office to ban me from Govloop. Then Govloop will go back to 49,999 members…