GovLoop Survey – How Do You Consume News?

The latest GovLoop survey was How Do You Consumer Your News:

12.7% Print News
54.0% Visit Web Sites
30.2% RSS Reader
3.2% Aggregators (Digg/GovZine)
0% Podcasts

I find the results pretty interesting.

For example, I read a lot of stories about the value and importance of aggregators but at the same time only 3.2% of GovLoopers use that as their main way to consume your news. I’ve developed GovZine as an aggregator for government news – let me know what you think of it.’

Print is still alive and 12.7% get their news through print. I find myself still relying on print for a few outlets. I still get the Sunday newspaper and enjoy getting a cup of coffee and reading the paper. I also love print news (and books) for traveling. The Kindle sounds nice but I haven’t made the jump (plus the library is free). And when you are on the metro in DC, the free print Express, Politico, or Onion sure passes the time.

RSS Readers are making a climb with 30.2%. I personally use Google Reader and it is a hub for most of my news. Did you know GovLoop has a ton of RSS fees? Here are the feeds for all blogs and all discussions? You can always customize for your specific blog or group? Look for the RSS text in the page (usually you have to hit view all and scroll all the way to the bottom).

Finally, Visiting web sites is #1 – with 54.0%. People still seem interesting in visiting destination web sites to consume news.

And at last, if I did it again, I would definitely put Twitter as an option and Facebook/LinkedIn. These social sites are a way I find I get a lot of my news these days.

Your thoughts?

This week’s question is March Madness – who do you think will win the title?

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