GovLoop Survey – Where Do You Work?

In the last GovLoop poll, we asked “Where do you work?”

The response was:
48.0% Federal Government
10.6% State Government
18.2% Local Government
13.1% Gov’t Consulting
3.5% Professor/Student
6.6% Other

My take-away from the poll is that GovLoop has a great diversity of thought leaders surrounding government. While federal government represent almost half of member, state and local governments represent almost 30% of members. I believe this is great as it is rare for government employees to truly share and collaborate across federal, state, and local government.

I am also please to see the percentage of gov’t consulting and academics. GovLoop has thought hard about this issue and allows good government consultants with good intentions. Contractors and government employees work side to side each day so I think they should be allowed to share the conversation. However, I also strictly ban business development and explicit marketing on the site from contractors. Finally, it is good to see professors and students on the site. Academics have a great outside perch on gov’t and students are our next generation of public servants.

Next question is another pretty straight biographical question. What area do you work in?

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