GovLoop’s Battle of Colleges Charity Contest

College was a great time. Books, beer, and brains.

I went to college in Ohio and fall really represents college to me. Leaves falling, football playing, and basketball about to start. And GovLoop’s “Bureaucrat on Sports” providing witty banter on the latest in college sports.

At GovLoop, I’ve noticed a number of university groups have formed ranging from George Mason to Pitt and Arizona to Texas A&M. Plus, it’s Thanksgiving week so at GovLoop I want to do our part in giving back to charity.

As such, GovLoop is running the Battle of the Colleges Charity Contest from Nov. 20th – Dec. 12th. Rivalry week has already begun for college football so represent your alma mater(s).

Here is the challenge:
1) Check under group tab to see if a group already exists for your college. If so, join it.
2) If not, go to the groups tab and create a group for your university
3) Spread the word to other alumni who work in gov’t community via invite tab
to join GovLoop and your university group
4) Send to alumni groups, friends, colleagues, student newspapers, professors, etc

On Dec. 12th at 11:59pm the contest is closed. The 3 university groups with the most members will win prizes. (Note: Yes I know the groups that exist already have a small lead but I’m sure others can beat them. Game on!)

1st Prize – A Big Picture of Winning University Mascot on GovLoop’s front page for the week of Dec. 15th
$100 Charity Donation (GovLoop donates to your university GovLoop group’s choice)
2nd Prize – $50 Charity Donation (GovLoop donates to your university GovLoop group’s choice)
3rd Prize – $25 Charity Donation (GovLoop donates to your university GovLoop group’s choice)

Feel free to trash talk with your rivals. For example, I’m sure Michigan Alumni don’t want the Buckeye on the GovLoop front page after the beating they took this year. The Hokie Guru will be providing complex analysis along the way so represent your school!

Go Redhawks (MU Ohio!) Go Quakers (UPenn)!

Updated standings will be provided weekly!!!

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They have to work in gov’t (fed/state/local/contractors) but I also include college/grad students and professors who are interested in gov’t service.


Current Leaderboard – 12/3:

GMU – 32
GWU – 30
AU – 28
UMD – 19
Maxwell – 18
Carnegie Mellon – 12
Georgetown -11
GMU – 10
Penn State – 10
VT – 10
Arizona – 8
Upenn – 6
Pitt – 6
Cal – 6
Kennedy – 6