Greetings in the Name of Global Gov 2.0, My Dear GovLoopians!

“Letters to the GovLoopians” – GovLoop Pastor
and Evangelist Highlights Global Gov 2.0

Greetings in the name of awesomeness, GovLoopians!

My dear associate, Stephen (a full-time martyr for the cause of GovLoop), beseeched me to write to you about the things I have seen in my travels across the World Wide Web. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to make a regular recording of my misadventures and meanderings, especially in those places that are considered foreign to my native land. My hope, dear GovLoopians, is to uncover the mysteries and marvels of the many nations other than the US who are endeavoring to engage their citizens and elevate them as co-heirs to the Gospel of Gov 2.0. Thus, I share with you my testimony of their triumphs:
1. Greek Tax Collectors Find Serious Sinners: Verily, verily, I say unto you: citizens use Google Maps to search and find what is not lost, but is the very rock beneath their feet: their home. Shouldn’t tax collectors do the same? It has come to my attention that the government in Greece has used the popular geographic search tool to capture sinners and collect their just wages. Not one is worthy of being considered honest, according to one Greek official:
“…virtually everyone cheats, and virtually everyone evades taxes.”
Is not one of us immune to the temptations of tax evasion. Let he (or she!) who is without tax evasion cast the first stone. And so again I ask unto you: should not our tax collectors do the same?
2. The Kingdom is Coming to GovLoop – The United Kingdom, that is. In the early morning hours on the second day of the week, we sent a letter to our friends and co-laborers for the Gospel of Gov 2.0, inviting them to join us in the upper room (aka “the GovLoop UK Group“). And so the people came – from London to Bracknell Forest to Derbyshire and Hull – such that their numbers swelled to 60 by week’s end. They were fully fed by introductions, including this one from Brian Hoadley:
“I was formerly Head of Innovation & Product Design at Directgov,
founded the Directgov | Innovate space was a Board Member for DotGovLabs…
and worked with the Data.Gov.UK team on the design of the website.”
The first may be last, but this guy is definitely someone I’d put at the top of a scroll. And still they remain a people hungry for conversation and collaboration. Will you join them on their journey to advance the Kingdom?
3. The Netherlands Resurrect Ambtenaar 2.0: While many Europeans are on holiday, savoring the sweet scintillations of this world, Davied and Jeroen sacrificed their summer vacations for the cause of civil servant collaboration at Ambtenaar 2.0 (the Netherlands version of GovLoop). If you have eyes to see and ears to hear Dutch, you can gather with the Gov 2.0 disciples there. If you are blind and deaf (as I once was), you can be healed by Google Translate. What Davied and Jeroen have put together, let us all make an even greater web wonder.
Now, my brothers and sisters, go ye therefore and spread the good news about Gov 2.0 to all ends of the earth.

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