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How Strong Is Your Cyber Foundation? 

In a recent report, the Senate Homeland Security Committee gave eight critical agencies dealing with sensitive information an overall C- grade in cybersecurity.   

Do you know how your agency rates? It’s time for a quick check-up to ensure your data is as safe as you think it is. Here’s a quick quiz in five security-related categories: 

  • Cybersecurity: Does your agency practice least-privilege access?  
  • Data Security: Is my agency’s data always encrypted everywhere?  
  • Compliance: Does my agency’s cloud vendor comply with federal, state, local and international cybersecurity standards?  
  • System Security: Does your cloud vendor consider factors such as generator and power availability before building new data centers?  
  • Infrastructure Security: Was your agency’s hypervisor built with cloud security in mind and designed to prevent attacks? 

If your cybersecurity posture isn’t as strong as you thought, you need to consider modernizing your organization’s approach to cybersecurity by adopting best practices, implementing zero-trust architectures and moving toward secure cloud services, among other steps.  

To learn more about how agencies can achieve their cybersecurity goals, check out this playbook to map out your next move in protecting your agency’s data and systems. 

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