How-To: Auto-Add Your Blog to GovLoop (Finally!)

Finally – the moment has arrived!

Yes, for all of you who have been prodding and patiently waiting for GovLoop to have an option that allows you to post once on your own blog and have it fed directly via RSS to the community, the time has come.

Before I tell you how it works, we owe a HUGE thanks to Devin, Kyle and Peter from Ning for the hard work to make this happen. Steve says, “You guys rock!”

It just takes 5 simple steps:

1 – Go to

2 – Enter your email and password for a Google account (this is because our importer app is hosted on Google App Engine).

3 – Authorize the sync server to connect to GovLoop by clicking the ‘Add your credentials’ link and entering your email and password for GovLoop.

4 – Click the “Add a Feed” link and add your RSS feed(s).

5 – Once added, the feed will be checked hourly for new content with it uploaded to GovLoop under your profile.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues…but it should make your like a whole lot easier…and community members get your insight even faster!

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Christopher Parente

Andy — added credentials, got this message — Credentials added! — but no link to add feed? Is that on another page? Thanks

Aaron E. Silvers

This is huge. Makes it a lot easier to contribute to the conversation here and share what’s going on. Next step: how to filter it all 🙂

Dick Davies

Hmm, auto RSS. Not all my blog posts go to GovLoop. As a matter of fact, not all my blog posts go my blogs. Some stay with specialized groups. I think in 2011 we are about to blunder into the granularity of our contacts, and the different properties of connectedness. I’m not sure what it means except not all my connections are interested in the same things which I manually try to control/anticipate.


Hey Chris-

Do you get to this screen once you’ve logged-in w/ your Google login (but before adding credentials)?

See add feed at bottom

Andrew Krzmarzick

@Tara* – why not brainstorm with the community? Post a new forum question: “Starting a New Blog! What Should I Call It?” Give a little details on the topic and we’ll help you name it…

Kathleen Smith

Buried in here is a great comment by Dick Davies – not all of our blog posts should go to GovLoop – I know I may be speaking heresy but the flip side of making things easier is making things homogeneous. I brought this up at the Facebook conference last year when they were touting how there were so many great apps to consolidate and share all your information with all your groups. Doesn’t this negate having communities that are just focused on key topics?

Andrew Krzmarzick

@Kathleen – Don’t worry…we’ll help to filter and promote the most relevant stuff.

@Charlie: here’s mine from the GenShift blog:

Here’s an example from CNN:


1) Blog importer goes to blog section, though there is also an RSS feed option in groups. Theoretically, you could run a blog into GovLoop AND the group.

2) You’d just go into the importer and edit…or let us know and we can delete on your behalf.

Kristy Dalton

How do you delete a blog feed? I have a video blog, but the importer doesn’t push videos. So my blog posts on GovLoop that are imported look like they’re missing something.

Robert Campbell

There is an option on my profile page to add an RSS feed. Will that RSS blog feed also be “fed to the community” just as explained with the option here? Just trying to understand the current options.