Daily Dose: Are Appointees in Your Agency Going Bye-Bye?

It looks like they’re playing musical chairs at the White House. Al Kamen at the Washington Post reports on all the staff changes on President Obama’s team:

The Obama staff shuffle kicks into high gear

A quick excerpt:

Busy days ahead for movers in President Obama‘s West Wing. Wednesday is move-in day for the new White House chief of staff, Bill Daley, and his chief of staff, David Lane, who’s been running Bono‘s One Campaign and before that was a senior official at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

What’s going on in your agency?

Are appointees taking off after two years?

How / Does this have an impact on your work?

Eager to get your thoughts…


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2 years is the average length of a political appointee so it should be starting to happen right now. Waited till after the recent elections and theres only 3-6 months before they started campaigning for 2012