How To: Find Your Next Federal Job Via

Looking for a new federal job?
You are in luck, because here at GovLoop we offer a microsite all about that:
We’ve built it on top of USAJOBS data, mashed it up with LinkedIn, GlassDoor and GovLoop information, and basically tried to provide a new approach to searching for federal jobs (just like Kayak and Hipmunk provide new ways to search for flights).
Searching for federal jobs can be tough, but I think we’ve found an interesting new way
Here are some of the new features:
1) Filter by grade AND promotion potential (find that GS-11 job that goes to a 13).
2) Search by location – both visually with maps and by keywords.
3) Filter by Best Places to Work Data for best agencies (skip agencies that rank poorly).
4) Filter by how many days the job is open (if a job is open 3 days, may not be worth applying for)
5) Select jobs by whether they have multiple vacancies (pro tip: you just upped your chances) and salary
6) Filter by if the job is for all U.S. Citizens or just current feds.
7) Receive an email with the top 10 jobs per week by 10 different categories (top jobs selected by GovLoop).
8) Review jobs at featured agencies – we’ve worked with NIH and CFPB to feature jobs from two great agencies. If you interested in being featured, let us know.
9) And on the individual job pages we
  • Integrated with LinkedIn to show you who you know at each job
  • Integrated with Glassdoor to get user reviews of agencies and jobs
  • Show the key information of jobs
  • Show other related job openings
I’d love to hear your ideas on how we can improve our new
What do you like? Got tips on how to improve it?
Comment below or email me at [email protected].

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Julie Elliott

The jobs site is very slow to load and to respond to mouse clicks. I’m in natural resources and there is not a catagory for that area. I don’t understand how to use it at all.


Hey Julie – this is super useful feedback. Can you explain more and give details? Is it slow on the filtering of right column?


I see this article was written several years ago but I am just reading. Great…I will share with many who seek federal employment.

I particularly liked the suggestion of not applying for an announcement that is open for three days. See my post on the Perils of Pre-selection.