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How to Travel in Style

So I’ve been traveling a lot lately. And once you start traveling a lot, you start to learn the tricks of the trade.

Here’s my how-to tips on traveling

1. Decide on a loyalty program – Pick one hotel chain and one airline and focus on them at any costs. You will get much better seating and rooms. Plus earn lots of free stuff. I’d rather be an A player at one place than a D player at 5

2. Get a good suitcase – Find that optimal size for carry-on. Get it in a color not black (I have a sweet dark blue). Make sure it has good wheels.

3. Aircard – Ideally all airports would have free wi-fi. But they don’t. So you need an aircard for those times when you are bored, have a free hour, or your flight is delayed.

4. Iron-free clothes – So needed. Even if you are good, you probably don’t feel like ironing your clothes every night of traveling. Find good suits and shirts that don’t need ironing. Or at least look good with some steaming.

5. Yelp – Yelp is my go-to app for traveling. If I’m staying somewhere, I’ll just hit nearby and find all the good restaurants and coffee shops. I used to do all this research and plan ahead. Now I just Yelp. And don’t forget to check out GovLoop’s Per Diem Caclulator to find events, restaurants, hotels, and more.

And if you want to talk about Travel on a regular basis, check out our Travel and Road Warriors Groups!

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Ed Albetski

WALGREENS – No matter what I forgot to pack or ran out of this morning, Walgreens had it, and it was cheap.

ASKING IS FREE – Recently I was staying at a Marriott Courtyard in New Orleans and I asked at the desk if they had any workout facilities. The clerk said no, but smiled and said I could go around the corner to the JW Marriott, show my room card at the desk, and I could use the facilities there for free.

Jeffrey Ward

– BUT, “wrinkle-free” can mean non-natural fibers, which are a no-no. Be sure to purchase 100% wool suits, and 100% cotton shirts, which are professionally-laundered with medium starch. Wrap them folded, in the plastic bags from the dry cleaners and you’ll always look fresh.

A cotton/poly blend on a professional guy is a “I have no power/kiss of death”

Guy Martin


You forgot my personal favorite – if possible, the exit row on most planes is your friend, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that you don’t have annoying people who don’t fly regularly leaning back into your lap (seats in the row ahead of exit row don’t lean back).

Trust me, I wish I’d gotten exit row on this flight back from IAD to SFO – the woman in front of me apparently thinks that bouncing on the seat repeatedly will make her more comfortable. I, however, don’t share that opinion. 🙁

Kitty Wooley

OMG is this a good column! I love it! If you ever hit one of my two cranky reviews on Yelp, “just hit Delete!”

Caryn Wesner-Early

Three words: Downy Wrinkle Release. This stuff is fantastic – much better than steam, and doesn’t get the room all hot and humid!