IDEA: Open Gov Innovations Conference “TweetBook” – Will You Help Create It?

HERE ARE THE RAW TWEETS: OGI Conference Tweets.doc

UPDATED GUIDE – What are your thoughts? Can you help bring it home? OGITweetBook – OverallMock-Up.doc

UPDATE AS OF 4:20 PM ET, 7/28/09: Here’s a table with times, sessions and TweetBook “authors” – Appreciate your help!
OGI TweetBook Outline.doc

Hi Everyone,

What if we created an Open Government and Innovations Conference “TweetBook”?

First, BIG thanks to @pbroviak for pulling all the tweets together in a series of blog posts.

Second, the idea: there are thousands of tweets from the Open Government and Innovations (OGI) conference last week. In fact, there have been thousands of tweets from several conferences recently…and yet they end up becoming part of a tweet data dump that are not used in any meaningful way.

What if we could start a new conference trend? What if we were to do a bit of gardening with the OGI tweets and boil them down to a summary and some overarching recommendations or themes that emerged from the conference in the form of a “TweetBook.”

Have you seen this done at another conference? If so, what was the process? If not, why don’t we do something innovative?

Basically, here’s a potential outline for the project:

1. Drop all tweets into one editable document (I tried to add to both the GovLoop and PBWorks wikis, but the amount of data overwhelmed both – got suggestions?) – SEE ATTACHED WORD DOC FOR ALL TWEETS
2. Sift through the data and eliminate duplicate or irrelevant tweets.
3. Break out by speaker and/or session.
4. Extract links to serve as a resource list.
5. Pull into a slick, colorful format and convert to PDF that we can produce as an ebook (Scribd, Calameo, etc.), sharing the highlights of the event with some key recommendations for action.

I’d say it should be no more than 10-20 pages tops and include some graphics (like screen shots of some of the best tweets). Also, we should fast track it, pushing to get it done by the end of this week. If we put a short deadline on it, we’ll work to finish it with greater intensity…and it will seem more like a real-time summary of the event. If we get the process down with this conference, we can streamline even more for, say, the upcoming Gov 2.0 Expo and Summit in September.

What do you think? Anyone up for it?

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Marie Crandell

Hi Andrew, I would be happy to help, but I don’t know if the end of this week would be achievable at my end, v interesting though! Let me know if the end of this week moves 🙂

John Sporing

Andy, this sounds like a great idea and I am wiling to help out. Though by the end of this week, as Marie mentioned, may be tough. But let’s see what we can do.

Andrew Krzmarzick

I just added a sample for everyone to review…it took me about an hour to produce…if each person says, “I’ll take O’Reilly” or “I got “Chopra” and we divide it up 20 ways, we should knock it out soon. My issue is that I am going on vacation for 2 weeks (Aug 2-16), so I can push through Saturday, then will be 95% out of pocket.


Marie Crandell

The layout sample looks great, as you described 🙂

I think it could work in some timeframe if tasks are split.

So for e.g. (and this owuld be a good test as to themes and conversation flow,

split the 111 pages between people and they do a section each.

they highlight key points, pull out links, list main themes, and cut out a lot of the text to get 111 to 10-20

a n other person/s collates these summations,

pulls together the links for appendix (by page no and theme?)

gets the pics and shots of tweets ready

works on the final layout

I love the idea that to be done quickly makes it more dynamic and real, but even with tasks split over say 8 ppl this looks longer than one week, depending on how much free time ppl have?

Kaya Walton

I love this idea. I think we should keep the task simple: one person to consolidate tweets for each speaker/panel and put it together in a template (which Andy has started from his example). Andy, being the evil mastermind behind all of this, will consolidate the sections. I know the timeline may be a little short, but if we keep it simple, the immediate deadline would help us focus and get this done. I’m game to get started.

Marie Crandell

Hi, I probably have about 4 hrs spare between now and Friday, they are yours if you want them, let me know in next 24 hrs or I will fill them up 🙂 And you can just assign me a section, I was not there so to cherry pick I would have to read the whole thing lol. Best regards, Marie

Lovisa Williams

We have done similar analysis on some of our recent SMS campaigns (combination of Twitter & other SMS services). We put everything into Excel and sorted the content. We looked for overarching themes and best tweets that represented those themes. We posted these to our website so people could get a feel for what we were seeing as a response to the President’s speech in Ghana. Great idea to do same for conferences!

Andrew Krzmarzick

Hey Folks – I am talking with Helen Ortel at 1105 Group in the morning. She has an intern that can help. That would be a great help with the various tasks outlined by Marie. I think attendees should split up the sessions and speakers, creating them in the template I provided. The intern can coalesce into one document, add photos, screen shots of tweets, table of contents, etc. I and Helen can have final editorial say…sending out to group before finalizing.

Marie – Can you take Chopra and O’Reilly? If you get done with those in short order, let me know and I will get you another.

A colleague of mine has agreed to do the “Measuring” session and another one where she volunteered on Wednesday afternoon (will be getting the name shortly).

Kaya – got a couple that you attended where you feel passionate about capturing the proceedings.

Lovisa – would like to learn more about that process…we’ll see how this goes, then work out a combo of two. Ressler (aka Mr. GovLoop) recommended a Wordle to get a sense of overarching theme words.

A plan is coming together.

Bryan Klein

I just got dev access to Google Wave and it will eliminate the need for twitter and a tweet book. It is even better than a wiki. It is right now the ultimate real-time online collaboration tool in my personal opinion.

Andrew Krzmarzick

NOTE: Just changed the template to Word so people can download it and use as their template.

Thanks, John!

My colleague (Roberta Croll) is doing Measuring and “Department of Defense (DoD) Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)”

Bryan – sounds like Google Wave is not available to the public yet?

Hoping the intern can take bulk of sessions…all of us take keynotes and general sessions for starters….or sessions where we participated.

Kaya Walton

Andy — I will take the Data Visualization panel. May take another depending on how fast I can get through that task.

Bryan — I am so jealous; the demo video of Wave was enough to make me want to have an account.

Bryan Klein

It is not public released yet. I have an advanced developer preview account. So for now we need a solution for collecting all the good contributions during the conference. I just would not put too much effort into it, as it will soon be of little use. It is seriously innovative… for reference http://wave.google.com/.

Bryan Klein

We used an internal wiki to collect information/notes from the handful of us who attended from NIST. But a public facing system would be optimum. I kind of hoped for a wiki on the OGI site.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Agreed, Bryan…trying to establish template for making information “usable and actionable”…but look forward to something better than this process.

Mark Oehlert

was just thinking about actual physical artifacts – gasp – I know – but always wanted to try out Blurb’s “Slurp” that will suck up blog and turn into book….and Bryan – jealous as hell over here! 😉

Pam Broviak

I think this is a great idea and really like the way you have presented it. Pulling out a specific Tweet looks great too. The only thing I would add is a short blurb of the session description since it might not be obvious to someone who hasn’t attended. That way it saves having to go out to the session on the net to get more info.

As for the overall project, the challenge is having everyone go through all those Tweets and put them into an organized document like you have shown as an example. Not sure I have any revelations on how best to do that for future events although it might be easier if it is done on more of a real time basis by someone at the conference dedicated to that job.

I wish I could help because this will be so cool – if you think there is a session or topic I could take even though I wasn’t there, I am willing to try.

Cindy Lou Baker

What we really need is an app that we can use to check mark specific tweets then push a button that puts them on the page. Is that what Google wave does? Awesome idea! cb

Bryan Klein

From what I understand, the public beta will open in September, don’t hold me to it though, as I am outside the Googleplex and only parroting what I have heard. 🙂 Something like this will be a huge step forward in collaborative knowledge capture. It is a bit odd at the start, as you see everyone typing in the document at the same time and conversations unfolding one character at a time instead of in complete (or somewhat complete) sentences. You begin to almost have an internal dialog with other people as you can start replying as they are still typing. Once they integrate google docs and spreadsheets into this it will transform into a new type of collaborative framework… it becomes email, IM, wiki, forum, blog, web page, news feed, all in one window… and we are only just discovering ways to use it.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Hi Everyone – I just added a matrix that shows the times, sessions and authors. Tell us which one you’re taking in the comments and I will add to the document. Thanks!

Helen Mitchell Curtis

I concur that this is a great idea to weed out & capture the essence of the audience’s thoughts, views & perceptions of the value of the conference. I’m particularly interested in seeing the most compelling themes/recommendataions discovered to include in an article for EContent Mag. I’m doing on the conference but its due by 7/30. Since it looks like this may not be completed by then, can you share with me what you’ve pulled together by tomorrow – 7/29? I’d also like to provide a link to the “Tweetbook” once completed in a future column I’ll be doing for them. Can email me directly at [email protected].

Maxine Teller

LOVE this idea, Andy. I definitely have no time to spare and definitely want to help with this! 🙂 I’m in. What conclusion did you and Helen reach? I’m meeting w/her on Thurs. I’d love be happy to be co-editor w/you & Helen as well if that’s helpful.

Also, David Hale (@lostonroute66) was a terrific contributor at OGI and probably would be interested in some of this. He actually had some great high-tech ideas for consolidating the tweet data into a useful format.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks, Helen. Will send you what I have on Thursday…it may be close, actually!

Maxine – take a look at the template. Can you do your session just like that? If it goes well and you do more, you get bonus points (and a beverage for each one next time I’m in town). 🙂

By the way, I just updated the table with who’s doing what – SEE ATTACHED ABOVE.


Marie Crandell

Wow, great to see so many of the sections have been taken up. Andy, just sent you a couple emails – it was rather fun! 🙂

Best regards


Andrew Krzmarzick

Hi Everyone – I just posted an update here to show you where it stands and to elicit more assistance. Thanks again for the efforts of Pam, Marie, Roberta, Nichole and Helen so far.

Andrew Krzmarzick

I’ll add a thanks to John Sporing here as well – he pulled together the tweets from the amazing “verbal tour de force” that was the Weinberger keynote. No small feat.