Innovation according to California CTO PK

Listening to California CTO who is dropping some knowledge:

-Titled Reinventing “We the People”
-People coming into elected office now understand power of IT
-Showing Governor race of California by Twitter followers
-Different set of people coming into office
-The medium is the mssage
-511,000 political races X $10k = $5.1 billion market over 4 years
-3 types of Civic engagement – town square, front porch, epetitions
-myidea4ca.com – online dialogue using Twitter. #1 topic is always legalizing marijuana
-most dialogues get 100-200,000 people – pretty substantial
-“you have to remember on thing about the will of people – we were once swept away by the Macarena”
-1979 – every word available for broadcast coverage on c-span. more open government at all levels. c-span.
-Two models of transparency – show me my money and data to people
-Markets in elections, civic engagement, transparency forming.

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