Interview with Len Burman on National Budget and Debt Crisis

Here is a video I wanted to share, it is an interview with Professor Len Burman of the Maxwell School. Professor Burman was interviewed about the national debt crisis by a classmate of mine, Roman Yavich. I was running the camera and then put the video together in iMovie.

The interview is part of a project for the Policy Students for Fiscal Sustainability, which is a student group at the Maxwell School. I’ve mentioned them a couple of times, they have a great blog you can find here. They are also holding a conference this week on the national budget. All information is on their website – can’t wait to attend some sessions, should be a great conference.

Professor Burman provides a historical overview of the national debt, the challenges to current crisis, causes of the deficit, the debt ceiling, what catastrophic budget failure means, and what role young professionals should play in the crisis.

Enjoy the videos, hopefully you learn something new!

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