Is Your Agency in the Midst of a Digital Transformation? What Can You Do?

Over 80% of employees see their organizations in the midst of a digital transformation, one that’s a response to disruptive technologies, market shifts and an increasingly empowered set of customers. This transformation is forcing leaders to step into new roles and take on new challenges. One place where this digital shift is taking place is the FBI.

How so? One example: the FBI is now using sensors to help track and control illegal guns. They’ve also launched a brand new financial management system that is streamlining processes and saving money. The FBI’s relatively smooth transition to a contemporary, integrated financial management system is in stark contrast, for instance, to the disastrous initial rollout of So how did they do it?

The man behind the rollout is the FBI’s Richard Haley. He’ll share the FBI’s story at the upcoming PegaWorld conference, an event taking place June 8th – 10th that’s geared toward changing the way government thinks. The three-day conference is the largest BPM conference in the world and features a wide variety of sessions. (There’s a special track for government employees that we have the inside scoop on. Want to attend? Part of PegaWORLD is free for govies. Get your free pass here.)

“We’ve developed a whole new strategy at Pega,” Louis Blatt, Senior Vice President at Pega said. “Our customers are experiencing a tremendous amount of change in the world. Change that is the result of technology, government policy, economic turmoil and the adoption of a whole new set technologies that are making connected experience so much more possible for our customers to have with their customers or citizens.”

Right now in government, budgets and personnel are stretched thin. The only way to operate at the current or heightened levels is to do things differently. “We honestly believe that better software is necessary to really become a digital enterprise,” said Blatt. “The software has to be able to be developed very quickly, has to be able to go to market very quickly, has to engage the customers and it has to simplify operations. That’s where Pega’s mission, ‘The power to engage, the power to simplify and the power to change,’ stems from.”

Change can be a scary word in government. One way to ease the strain is to talk to other agencies and state and local government organization that have already adapted. “PegaWorld is a great learning event where we can take all of this great information and get customers to talk to other customers about their successes,” said Blatt. “It is an educational event that can result in the development of a lot of new change agents. It is not easy to produce this level of change in a large enterprise like government.”

“We believe getting the customers together as change champions, working with one another and sharing their thoughts they can learn a lot from each other and really accelerate their thoughts to make the changes that are necessary,” said Blatt.

>>>> PegaWorld is free to attend for all government employees for Government Day. Click here to register.

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