It’s not outer space…but it is a Virtual World

Virtual Words, they sound like something out of Star Trek. But the technologies are really making a difference in the way you do your job.

Doctors at the Veterans Affairs Department are using virtual worlds to treat retuning soldiers with PTSD. The technology allows the soldiers to relieve their battlefield experience in a safe and controlled manner.

Paulette Robinson is the Assistant Dean for Teaching, Learning, & Technology at the National Defense University.

She told Chris Dorobek on the Dorobek Insider Program that the Defense Department is really taking these virtual world technologies to the next level.

Paulette Robinson talks with Chris Dorobek by cdorobek

Paulette says in the last five year the Virtual Worlds technology:

  • Has become more mature and secure
  • Virtual Worlds are now starting to go towards browser based worlds. Which allows us not to have a client on the desktop wich is a problem for the enterprise
  • DoD has come up with their Virtual Worlds Frame-Work
  • Virtual worlds will soon have common open source standards

The National Defense University’s 5th annual Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds conference is coming up in May. You can attend in person or virtually.

So what do you think are virtual worlds the future for conferences?

To listen to Paulette’s full interview you can catch the full radio show at GovLoop Insights or your can subscribe to our itunes channel.

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