Cyber War: What Is It Good For…

We’ve all heard the doomsday scenarios of a computer virus that shuts down the entire government or cripples a country’s communication system but just how feasible are those?

Well if you look at the current topics in government IT it would seem that cybersecurity is a HUGE issue and protecting against a cyber war is a must. But one expert says the cyber is a bunch of hogwash.

We chatted with Thomas Rid a professor in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London and author of Think Again Cyber War. Rid claims that all cybersecurity worry is based off of worst case scenarios. Rid does admit that there is a threat but no where near as grave as it’s made out to be.
Cyber War – What Is It Good For, Absolutely Nothing by cdorobek

Rid also claims that IF and it’s a big if any countries could actually execute a cyber war the only two that might be sophisticated enough to pull it off is the US and Israel.

What do you think is Cyber War a reality or just today’s buzz?

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