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Join the Conversation…Be the Conversation. Is Twitter Fueling Innovation?

Yesterday in my journey into the twittersphere I highlighted 3 observations that I find most appealing about the micro-blogging site. To summarize all three in one thought, I see Twitter as providing users a constant flow of interest-tailored mind-castings, a living discussion forum, and a place to take a penny and leave a penny. I’ve been using Twitter officially now for about two weeks. In this time span I’ve populated an articulate group of tweeters who appear to have this default setting: I am alive and am interested in the world. What I am starting to notice is that these individuals are happily tweeting about interesting topics and re-tweeting interesting articles posted by others, thus spreading information on a viral level. So, I have a 4th observation to add to my previous 3.

What I am also starting to notice is increasingly more blogs taking shape on any number of topics ranging from the best social media practices to the best environmental tips. Before Twitter I doubt there was ever a public forum with outlets for idea vetting and opinion unleashing that could match the scale that this micro-blogging site offers. So, when you take an environment that encourages, and more importantly, feeds off of interesting thoughts, always seeking the latest and greatest, perhaps this is encouraging innovative thinking on a scale unmatched previously? It appears that with the open communication environment Twitter provides, increasingly more tweeters do not simply want to be part of the conversation, but want to be the conversation; be their own Queen Bee with their own colony of followers.

So perhaps Twitter’s original goal of providing a micro-blogging site that asks “what are you doing” has metamorphosed into a forum driving entrepreneurship? If you ask yourself this, the answer Yes will probably easily come to mind…I mean…all you have to do to prove this is simply consider all the innovative new Twitter applications that have blossomed. This is surely innovation, after all. However, I am talking more about the less obvious innovation…innovation that would have only been made possible through a virtual connection.

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I find a lot of interesting and curious people on Twitter. So I find a lot of good links to great stories and some new ideas. It’ll be interesting to see how it evolves as Twitter moves from an early-adopter community to widespread use.