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Used Google Translate to offer the GovLoop community a glimpse of what’s happening with a sister community over in the Netherlands:

Week 28 … Again, no World Cup, a grand welcome in Amsterdam. Netherlands loves to celebrate. The heat of summer days and holidays will thus gradually affect the activities Also for editors. This week another mailing, then a moment of rest and mid-August we take up the thread.

Special attention this week for our summer renovation of the website: check and think with us!

Would you participate in the editorial? We know how fun that was! In this blog Davied you can read what’s happening on the official 2.0!

Sincerely, Bass and Maud

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The report of the Open Borrel of NPV in the ‘National Practice “by Anne-marie IJsenbruk:

Bart van der Meij tells about the kick Advisor Network A20:

Beautiful developments in England:

Pieter-Jan Vrieling help with its research business case A20!

The IPO (interprovincial consultation) and social media:

Instructions apps and sites:

Looking for a Bert van Marwijk government ….

A college education starting at 2.) And the electronic government:

Recommendation: EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER Thorbecke’s:

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Stephen Peteritas

Click one of the links and check out the sweet tool bar they have. Would anyone else be interested in GovLoop putting up one of those?

Attia Nasar

@Stephen – I was more distracted by the recent Twitter visitors widget (scroll down)…that’s a bit creepy. I am just thinking of other sites that have that tracker..

Other wise – thanks for posting Andy, always great to learn what’s going on in other parts of the world related to gov2.0!


Funny you’re all so enthusiastic about the toolbar. Jeroen would know more about it.

Actually, we’ve been looking at the Govloop front page en like is cleanliness: less distractions and better focus. We were considering to do away with the toolbar and the Twitter followers, because it clutters up the site and takes peoples attention away: it’s just more buttons.

That was one of the conclusions of the usability study.