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Let’s Go Shopping for a Cloud Solution

Cloud can be the foundation to simplify and accelerate digital transformation for an agency. In a recent AWS Marketplace/GovLoop survey, 48% of respondents said they expect cloud software investments for their organization to increase in the next two years.  

As more and more agencies plan on boosting their spending to move more of their data to cloud, they’re discovering that navigating the tech buying process can be overwhelming.  

It’s time to reduce the complexity of shopping for a cloud solution.  

A cloud marketplace is a digital online storefront hosted by a cloud service provider, offering third-party software applications, data and services. The marketplace allows you to pick and choose what you want and comparison shop, ensuring your solution meets your agency’s requirements and security needs. 

Download this infographic to get a more thorough introduction to the cloud marketplace and discover how it’s helpful for agencies looking to turn to cloud. 

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