Listen to the Experts – Best Insights from DorobekINSIDER Live in 2013

The end of the year means two things: setting unrealistic New Year’s resolutions and endless retrospectives. While we can’t force you to put down the cake and pick up a carrot, we can help you do your job better by highlighting some of the biggest and best innovations to come out of government in the last 365 days. (You can find all the interviews here.)

In 2013 the DorobekINSIDER launched DorobekINSIDER Live. The monthly live show brought together a panel of experts from all levels of government and industry to discuss big problems like cybersecurity, mobile and the digital government strategy. The idea was simple, get smart people together in a room to talk and share ideas. In 2013 we produced 9 DorobekINSIDER Live programs. You can find our entire archive here. But here are my four favorites:

DorobekINSIDER Live:

  1. DorobekINSIDER Live: Top Innovations of 2013: Looking Back, Looking Forward
  2. DorobekINSIDER LIVE: Surviving the Cybersecurity Nightmare – Helping Your Agency Be More Secure
  3. DorobekINSIDER Live: Catching the Cloud
  4. DorobekINSIDER Live: Tools of Telework
  5. DorobekINSIDER Live: Redefining Management in Government
  6. DorobekINSIDER Live: Why Mobile Matters
  7. Digital Government Strategy One Year Later – DorobekINSIDER LIVE Experts Weigh In
  8. DorobekINSIDER Live – Redefining Citizen Engagement
  9. DorobekINSIDER Live – Experts Weigh in on BYOD Lessons Learned

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