Live-blogging – Open Data Best Practices

Live-blogging from MISA…Great roundtable of rockstar Canadian CIO and govies

City of Ottawa (@rob_giggey)
-Find different ways to get citizens to participate to find solutions to problems
-Reviewed data dissemination policy
-Said don’t need an open data policy – just need guidance to move towards being open…all departments should look to release as much data as possible
-Launched site about a month ago
-Looking at ways to automate how data gets up, how displayed

City of Toronto
-Started with how we change our website
-Asked community what we should do with our website
-Had a web 2 summit
-How connect better with our citizens, visitors, and businesses in Toronto
-Created a data catalogue in fall 2009
-Informal core of CIOs – Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto – working on format and licensing on Open Data
-Unconference – GovCamp in Toronto next week
-Continual journey

-We are the best in open data

Privacy Commissioner – Freedom of Information Request
-Takes time, costs money
-Unbundle information and get it out there
-Access by design
-Spend a lot of time on FOI…proactive and efficient
-Make information accessible

We need to work together
Not reinvent the wheel
Learn from each other

Education, Education, Education
-Need internal education
-Need external education

Sometimes natural format just hard to convert
-Like meeting minutes

Biggest problem is lack of interest internally
-Departments are trying to do w
-Need to tell compelling story of why affects the services they provide

Need enterprise business case for Open Data
-How does it affect delivering of services

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