Get Your Gov 2.0 Hero Goodness Grouped Here!!!

So yeah its Gov Hero Day and people are pretty pumped about it on the Loop. When I got on this morning there were already a handful of blog shout outs to some unsung government rockstars.

First off keep the shout outs coming!!! There are some big time thank yous that need to get handed out from military personnel to that guy who saved your state a ton of money last year by getting energy on the cheap. There are heroes across the scope of gov’t and they literally can be found anywhere.

Here are some of the blogs and discussions that are happening now on GovLoop, hopefully their thank yous inspire you to hand out one of your own. Come on I know there’s someone that deserves it.

A Salute to 3 Gov 2.0 Heroes You Don’t Know Yet

Hero For A Day – Your Government 2.0 Heroes

Gov 2.0 Hero Day

Government 2.0 Hero Day is Here!

Gov 2.0 Hero Day – June 15

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