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Live Chat Thursday: Learn How to Have Meaningful Social Media Convos with Citizens

Most people are connected to social media but a large majority of those people really have no clue to push technology to enable meaningful conversations. Well fear not because GovLoop is bringing on an expert.

Next Thursday from 2:00PM-2:30PM Mike Dover co-author of Wikibrands and Managing Partner of Socialstruct Advisory Group will be on the site taking your questions live chat style.

Mike is truly a guru when it comes to using social media. He was responsible for operations, content quality, and client managementfor $10 million, multi-year research studies on the intersections among technology, business strategy and society. He led more than 100professionals over the course of the programs.

This is going to be a great chat and people normally pay to hear this guy speak let alone get to ask him questions. Looking forward to seeing you all in the chat Thursday.

Here’s more info about Mike’s book: http://www.amazon.com/WIKIBRANDS-Reinventing-Company-Customer-Driven-Marketplace/dp/0071749276

Here’s one review of the book:

Mike Dover and Sean Moffitt have written the essential guidebook for marketing and branding in the next decade. As social media spreads around the globe and becomes the primary information/communication channel for the next generation of consumers, brands must master the art of conversation. Wikibrands provides the clear guidance and great success stories that can help companies reinvent their marketing processes, avoid embarrassing pitfalls, and tap into the power of mass collaboration.

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