Making Meaningful Connections in Today’s Workplace

With many agencies operating on different shifts, in varying time zones and even working remotely these days, you might be wondering how you can foster and strengthen workplace relationships with co-workers you may not see regularly face-to-face.

Transformational workforce expert Mika Cross had a few thoughts on the topic in her latest “Management Minutes with Mika” video series. 

Cross suggested starting new hires off on the right foot with “enterviews,” as they wouldn’t have the same opportunities to build a rapport with their new co-workers pre-pandemic.

“Start planning before their first day – figure out who they need to meet, why they need to touch base with that person, and let them know how their positions will coordinate,” she explained. 

She also encouraged arranging peer-to-peer mentorships, so new hires have someone to reach out to other than their supervisor with questions. 

For employees who are more established, it’s still essential to have those interpersonal connections to avoid social isolation, Cross detailed.

“Mental health, employee engagement and retention, and even employee burnout can be affected in a positive way with social connections,” she said.

Lastly, she emphasized the importance of not overwhelming workers with too many required social activities, advising to give the choice to opt in to activities (especially if they’re planned during lunch breaks or after work).

“People want the choice to attend, no matter how well-intentioned the activity is,” she said, adding that workplaces could risk employee burnout if workers feel like they don’t have the option to not be there. 

View the full video now.

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