Management Minutes With Mika: Recognizing Workplace Burnout

In the latest edition of “Management Minutes with Mika,” Mika Cross wants employees to know that they’re not alone when it comes to workplace burnout. With resignations on the rise, it’s important to recognize the signs early and address any issues for your own well-being.

Cross, a Workplace Transformation Strategist, sat down with interviewer Emily Jarvis, GovLoop’s Senior Online and Events Editor, to talk about the symptoms of burnout and some solutions.

Unlike a typical “bad day,” Cross described burnout as more of an ongoing syndrome that builds over time. It can show itself as physical symptoms like headaches, weight gain, unending fatigue, and disengagement. If left untreated, burnout can lead to poor focus, irritability, and even job turnover.

“You just feel a general lousiness, a sense of cynicism, and like you’re never going to get ahead,” she explained. “Your co-workers and family might even mention to you that you’re not acting like yourself.”

So, what can you do about burnout once you recognize it in yourself? Cross had a few tips, including:

  • Keep a journal and put your feelings on paper. Write down one to three things you are thankful for to spark an “attitude of gratitude,” or even jot down your feelings and what triggers them.
  • Reach out to your employee assistance program to discuss your options and receive recommendations for help.
  • Make sure your workplace and its employees discuss burnout early and often. This can help address problems faster to avoid losing valuable workers. 

Find her latest video by clicking the image above, or by visiting Recognizing Workplace Burnout – GovLoop Academy. For more information and tips, follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn and at

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