Modernizing Regional Airport Leads to Cost Savings and Happy Travelers

This is the time of year that air travelers are faced with long security lines, flight delays, missed connections, and long treks home to spend time with family for the holidays. A recent case study from Oracle identifies that the Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) has cut unbudgeted carryover costs for capital projects by 88% in one year – all in an effort to modernize and improve the airport for travelers.

Story Highlights

  • Columbus Regional Airport Authority cuts costs by implementing new technology
  • Partnering with Oracle, CRAA is able to manage costs for over 100 different capital improvement projects per year
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In a time when resources are tight, public organizations are challenged to find ways to cut costs and modernize systems. The example of the CRAA is a great case study of the ability for leaders to find a way to cut costs by upgrading technology.

The CRAA is responsible for overseeing three airports, Port Columbus International Airport, Rickenbacker International Airport and Bolton Field Airport. The Oracle case study states, “CRAA manages approximately 100 projects annually, including initiatives as diverse as road and runway construction and maintenance, terminal improvements, construction of a new air traffic control tower, technology infrastructure development, customer service projects, and energy conservation programs.”

The CRAA desired to have a standardized business process across all capital projects. Leaders at the CRAA hoped that by standardizing processes they would be able to have greater control over scheduling capital projects and cash flow, this would enable them to better control costs. This became critical as the airport authority began the largest capital project ever. The project was a $150 million runway relocation project. The CRAA also desired a standardized approach to help manage approximately 100 projects, which includes upgrades to runways, terminals, and rehab projects that occur yearly at the airport.

CRAA partnered with Oracle and deployed Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management to standardize business process. The case study reports, “As a result, CRAA cut unbudgeted carryover costs from US$24.4 million in 2010 to US$3.5 million in 2011―an 88% improvement.”

Alex Beaver, Manager, Project Controls Office, Columbus Regional Airport Authority stated, “Oracle’s Primavera P6 and Primavera Contract Management are transforming project management at CRAA. We have enabled resource-loaded scheduling and expanded visibility into cash flow, which allowed us to reduce unbudgeted carryover by 88% in a single year.”

You can find the entire article here. CRAA example is one of many ways public institutions can leverage technology to improve services and cut costs.

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