Moving to the Cloud: Still a Challenge for the Federal Sector

This blog post is an excerpt from a report done in partnership with Unisys, It’s Time for the Next Generation of Public-Sector Cloud Management. To download the full report for free, head here.

Because cloud has become more common, one might think that deployment and adoption of cloud computing is easier than ever in government. But that’s not necessarily so.

“The public sector is still very focused on Infrastructure-as-a-Service in most cloud migration efforts, with small pockets of evolved agencies viewing cloud as more of a platform versus just compute, network and storage,” said Westenhofer. “Additionally, IT teams may not think about how necessary the human factor is in cloud and how they can retrain their workforce to have more of a cloud-native mindset. Finally, federal operations teams need to be thinking more about how their processes can evolve or scale and handle automated change versus traditional ITSM workflow-based change.”

A recent survey by Unisys echoed these thoughts. In its IT Modernization Revolution survey from September 2017, the company polled 200 federal IT decision-makers and found that they are experiencing a number of significant challenges while attempting to drive IT modernization across their agencies – particularly around cloud.

“We found it particularly interesting that the majority of survey participants self-reported ‘unanticipated difficulties’ in adopting cloud services,” explained Unisys’s O’Donoghue in a blog post. “This finding is in line with our own experiences. Adopting the cloud is a deceptively tricky business.”

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