New Employee Guide – Part 2 – The Rules

Part 2 – The Rules
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Next there are a number of informal and formal rules you will have to figure out quickly

1 – Time – Spend the first week figuring out when people generally get to work and leave work. How long people are taking
for lunch, etc . While there are
often formal rules, the informal rules are more important. First impressions matter so at the
beginning try to get there 5 minutes before the boss and leave 5 minutes after

2 – Food – Figure out what people do for food. Eat at their desks, go out. What is good nearby and more. This is also a good time to ask if someone wants to grab food – you are new and a good chance to connect with people

3 – Dress code – Is this a suit environment? Business casual? Flip-flops? Once again, overdress for the first week and observe people to see what they are wearing.yes””> Always go slightly above people but there is an issue with
overdressing. We had an intern
that wore a tie everyday while no one else did – cute for the first week but
just weird on week 7.

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