New Employee Guide – Part 3 – The People

Part 3 – The People

Past Parts (Part 2, Part 1)

Ahh…The most important part and the hardest part for a new person. As a new person, one must walk a line but learn quickly the people dynamic:

1 – Don’t pick sides too early – It’s key that early in your career that you don’t pick sides with people too early. Often people are aligned with others or had a falling out over something that happened before you came. So make sure to take your time before
falling too tight with only one side.
Be like Switzerland early on.

2 – Be Friendly – People want to be around fun, friendly, out-going people. Make sure to be one of those people

3 – Informal Power – Notice the connectors. The people that seem to know everyone. They are essential in getting stuff done. Sometimes they are admin assistants. Sometimes they are
senior leaders. You need to be
tight with these folks

4 – Find some friends – Research shows that those that have at least one friend at work are more successful and happier. So while you want to be professional, make sure to make some friends.

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