Next Gen Summit Winners

Two weeks ago we launched a contest to see who could cook up the best video response to the question: Why are you the next generation of Government?

Well ladies and gentlemen the results are in and five government rockstars have scored free tickets the Next Generation of Government Summit July 6th and 7th in Arlington.

Here are the winners and their videos:

Candace Riddle

James Hanson

Kristy Fifelski

Giselle Jasmin

And Nichole Henley (she rocked a .wmv instead of youtube)

Find more videos like this on GovLoop – Social Network for Government
You can still get free tickets by inviting friends to join GovLoop but hurry cause that will end this Friday!

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Anita Arile

I enjoyed the creativity of Ms Riddle’s video… awesome display of tech-knowlegee…

Hahaha Gotta I love the location of Mr. Hanson’s video… very.. uhm… creative??? hahahaha… guess the atmosphere made him ready to speak up! hahaha.. just joking.. 🙂

Yep, am moving to Reno too…

Great job to our winners!