NextGen Preview: Framework to Managing Your Career

Last year, Frank Digiammarino was one of our best-reviewed sessions at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit with his interactive discussion “Framework to Manage Your Career.”

He helped lead 100 attendees through an amazing 1-hour session where he helped describe how rising leaders should think about managing their government career as well as answering many specific questions attendees were facing (changing job series, dealing with work/life balance, and more).

Luckily, this year Frank is coming back for Next Generation of Government 2012 on July 26-27 for another additional interactive session (and a surprise bonus)

To get a taste of the session, check out Frank’s 3 key aspects of the career framework:

Who are you?

What in the world am I doing?

What am I optimizing for?

Additionally, watch as Frank answers some of your top questions:

Staying motivated, spineless bosses, and jumping ladder rungs

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