Notes from CityCamp Raleigh Day 2 Sessions

Community Supported Agriculture

-Pay for share up front – $100 to $600
-Fresh, safe food delivered to your neighborhood
-“Human” Scale
-Careful built ec-osystems to handle pest control

-Means more jobs – small farms are labor intensive, more middle class small businesses
-200 people, 100 people

Adriel Hampton

-San Fran has about 50 official Twitter accounts – it’s great to cross-promote between different handles to get more folks to city information

-Can create lists on Twitter of people you like
-Twitter about information and about relationships


-Social Safe


Have to repeat your message over and over

-But with social media can do repeating while making it more unique every time

Notifications by and to citizens
-Citizens Advisory Council – 18 in Raleigh
-neighbors and citizens and city councils

-Community Services – govt agency to support citizen services

-10 to 30 people attend a meetings

-Completely volunteer
-How do people find out about materials?

-We need marketing of our events
-Value of city website

-City website added google search appliance to improve how info appears in search

-Hundreds of content creators throughout the city

-Key tech need of community groups – website, email, text, calendar, events, ideas, ideation, polling

Citycamp – Government officials, technologists, citizens

Open government – citizens have right to access the documents and proceedings of the government to allow for effective public oversight

Open data – idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republsih as they wish without restrictions

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